Air Pollution in Texas: Houston Polling

Recent polling in the Houston region found that the threat of unauthorized air pollution raises significant concerns, with roughly half of all voters saying they are very concerned — and a total of 84% very or somewhat concerned.

Key Findings

· Voters consider cutting air pollution in Houston an important priority
· Approximately two-thirds of voters believe activity around the Ship Channel contributes to air pollution in Houston
· Voters are split between those who say air pollution comes primarily from stationary sources (39%), like power plants, refineries, and chemical manufacturers, or mobile sources (38%), like cars, trucks, construction equipment, and freight trains.
· Voters strongly favor policies that target stationary sources of air pollution
· Support for cutting air pollution in Houston, whether from mobile or stationary sources, remains broad and intense among voters


Stopping unauthorized pollution will go a long way toward cleaning up Texas’ air and reduce asthma attacks, heart disease and premature deaths. Here’s how you can get involved.

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