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Read this 2017 report by Environment Texas and Environmental Integrity Project
"Breakdowns in Enforcement: Texas Rarely Penalizes Industry for Illegal Air Pollution Released During Malfunctions and Maintenance"

View a map of the top pollutors in Texas for the year 2018.

Explore the unauthorized pollution and emissions database.

Is there a plant in your county exceeding authorized levels of pollution? 

Leukemia Risks at Houston Ship Channel

According to the UT School of Public Health, children living within two miles of the heavily industrialized Houston Ship Channel face a 56% greater risk of contracting leukemia, which researchers link to oil refineries and chemical plants.

Broken Laws at Petrochemical Facilities

Our research has found that Houston-area petrochemical facilities violated clean air laws at least 405 times in 2015, illegally releasing 5 million pounds of pollution, including chemicals linked to cancer and heart disease.

Soot Contamination

The Pasadena Refining Systems plant near Houston released 92,994 pounds of unauthorized particulate matter (soot), making it the second worst in the state. Breathing tiny soot particles can cause coronary heart disease, asthma, bronchitis, and many other respiratory illnesses. Research has also shown that many premature deaths are directly related to soot in the environment.

Repeated Abuses

ExxonMobil broke clean air laws at its Baytown oil refinery and chemical plant near Houston more than 4,000 times over five years—compounding Texas’ pollution problems and endangering the health of nearby residents.

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