What is Neighborhood Witness?

In 2016, a coalition of like-minded organizations established to make it easier for Texans living near a petrochemical plant to monitor and report violations.

Air pollution is making people sick – especially children, senior citizens and people with respiratory problems. In fact, studies show that increased air pollution cuts short the lives of more than 12,000 Texans each year from cancer, heart disease and other health problems. 

Children living within two miles of the heavily industrialized Houston Ship Channel face a 56% greater risk of contracting leukemia, which researchers link to pollution from oil refineries and chemical plants.

But companies won’t install better controls to stop these unauthorized emissions until nearby communities speak up.


We have a moral responsibility to care for future generations and clean up Texas’ air to provide a better quality of life for those most at risk.

Who is involved?

Neighborhood Witness is a concerted effort of
the following non-profit advocacy organizations.

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