Report a Polluter

Dear TCEQ:

I’m writing to file a formal complaint about worrisome levels of largely unauthorized pollution released by the following facilities:

    • HOUSTON PLANT : 24726.65 pounds : 226474 226904 
    • GEON-OXY VINYL : 93.09 pounds : 226423 

According to the emission events reports listed, those facilities released more than 24819.74 lbs of mostly unauthorized pollution. Those reports may be preliminary, but my complaint would also apply to a report that was finalized without material changes.

I am worried about what this pollution means for the health of myself and my family and I request you take enforcement action for these violations. As you know, Texas can punish violations of Clean Air Act permits with fines up to $25,000 per day. It is critical that you hold facilities accountable for pollution that exceeds the limits authorized in their state and federal permits.

Please keep me updated on any investigation launched or enforcement action taken with respect to these pollution events.


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TCEQ is required to investigate every complaint.

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